Work Experience

He is currently the Head, Department of Minimal Access Surgery,Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery & Gastrointestinal Surgery at the Manipal Hospitals ,Dwarka , New Delhi.

As a leading Laparoscopic surgeon with extensive training and practice, Dr. Randeep Wadhawan brings forth his strong line of credentials both as a practicing Laparoscopic Gastrointestinal surgeon and as an academic.

With over 30, 000 laparoscopicsurgeries performed, his areas of practice and expertise include , Laparoscopic Bariatric & Metabolic Surgeries, Laparoscopic Gastrointestinal and Gastrointestinal Oncology Surgery.

1.Robotic (Da Vinci) & Laparoscopic Bariatric &Metabolic Procedures

He received his training in Bariatric surgery from the high volume Center Of Excellence in Frankfurt, Germany. He is running a dedicated and successful Obesity, Bariatric & Metabolic surgery program at Manipal Hospitals, Dwarka, New Delhi with an experience of more than 2000 procedures .The procedures being done routinely at the centre are Laparoscopic adjustable gastric Banding (LAGB) , Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy, Laparoscopic Roux-en-Y Gastric bypass, Laparoscopic One anastomosis Gastric Bypass , Banded procedures , Duodenal switch & Revision Bariatric procedures with excellent results.
He is one of the few surgeons in the country performing Robotic Bariatric procedures on the latest X1 Da Vinci Robot.
He is currently doing tailored Laparoscopic Metabolic procedures for remission of Diabetes Type II & Metabolic syndrome one of the very few centers in India doing the procedures.

2. Laparoscopic Gastrointestinal surgeries & Laparoscopic Gastrointestinal Oncology

He is performing high volume of routine and advanced laparoscopic gastrointestinal surgeries with special interest in Laparoscopic/Robotic Gastrointestinal oncological procedures particularly Laparoscopic/Robotic Colorectal and Laparoscopic/Robotic Gastric surgeries.

3.Robotic / Laparoscopic Endohernia and Abdominal Wall reconstruction(AWR)

He is one of the leading surgeons in the field of Endohernia and AWR. He has been trained in the US in AWR at the University Hospitals, Cleveland, USA and has a vast experience in dealing with complex Hernias.

4. Minimally invasive ano rectal surgeries

He has an experience of more than 5000 MIPH (Minimally invasive procedure for hemorrhoids), he is also performing STARR procedure (Stapled trans anal resection of the rectum)for patients of Rectal prolapse, very few surgeons in India are doing the procedure.Certified by European Colpoproctology Society. He is also performing the latest minimally invasive treatment for Fistula in Ano- VAAFT

His skills, knowledge and expertise is evident in his experience as a member of the surgical team which performed the first two port Lap cholecystectomy surgery in India in 1997.

He was a member of the team performing a Lap assisted PCNL for an ectopic Kidney- one of only 10, cases reported in the world in 2005.

He operated successfully 300kgs female for a Bariatric surgery , one of the heaviest to be operated in India in 2011. He has operated cancer survivors, Rectal and Breast cancer survivors for bariatric surgical procedure, few cases reported in world literature.

He has performed Bariatric procedures on a Father & Son duo, one a Kidney donor and the other a Kidney recipient. He has operated the largest and heaviest Adrenal gland tumor in the world weighing 11.4Kgs.

The Department is getting patients from all across the world for Advanced Laparoscopic procedures including Laparoscopic gastrointestinal Oncology, Laparoscopic Bariatric & Metabolic Surgeries. Some of the countries from where the patients are visiting the Department regularly for the above procedures are USA, Canada, EUROPEincluding UK & Germany,AFRICA including,Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan, Rwanda, Ghana, South Africa, Congo, Middle East including IRAQ, Kuwait, Dubai and Oman, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji Islands and other Pacific islands, CIS countries & SAARC Countries.