VAAFT (Video Assisted Anal Fistula Treamtment) Surgery

VAAFT Surgery in Delhi

It is a best way to perform minimal invasive surgical procedure to treat complex & recurrent anal fistulas . This technique involves two part, first a diagnostic and second an operative. VAAFT is a day care / one day hospital stay procedure (patient will be discharged on same day or next day) .It is done through a fine 7mm telescope , camera and special instruments to navigate the fistula tract, then using a low dose electric current to destroy fistula & sealing the tract with glue.

This procedure need to be done by experience Endoscopic Surgeon having expertise in colon & rectal surgery otherwise chance of potential complication exists. Such as cutting too much muscle will lead to loss of control of bowel movement. Dr Randeep Wadhawan one of the best surgeon available for VAAFT surgery in Delhi, India and is presently doing a high volume of VAAFT Procedure. Call us to know the VAAFT surgery cost in Delhi.