Laparoscopic for Rectal Prolapse

What is rectal prolapse?

In Rectal prolapsed, the lower end of the colon which located just above the anus is called rectum, becomes stretched out and protrudes out of the anus. This condition of rectum is the weakness of the anal sphincter muscle and most of times associated with rectal prolapse, leading to holding stool, leakage of stool or mucus. This condition can be seen in both males & females; however, it has been observed that the incidents rectal prolapse are more common in women than men.

Dr Randeep Wadhawan, a minimal access laparoscopic surgeon, has vast experience to managing & treating complex case of rectal prolapes & is one of the best Laparscopic Surgeon in India. After seeing case of Rectal Prolapse, he can advise its severity & need of Laparoscopic Surgery for Rectal Prolapse in Delhi. The Rectal Prolapse procedure is aim to repair the prolapse using ‘keyhole’ surgery or minimal access surgery (laparoscopically) using state-of-the-art technology, Dr Randeep Wadhawan & his team of doctors perform delicate and complex operations.

The benefits of Laparoscopic rectal surgery as:

  • Less blood loss
  • Faster return to bowel function
  • Faster return to diet
  • Shorter hospital stay